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About Us 

Marketiz is an agency and affiliated French network specialized in lead generation. We distinguish ourselves through our expertise in the field of digital marketing, where we employ creative and cutting-edge technological solutions to maximize the effectiveness of our campaigns. Whether it's for solar panels, heat pumps, or a multitude of other offers, we precisely identify where and how to concentrate our efforts to ensure the achievement of mutually beneficial goals every time.

Digital Marketing Services 

Marketiz is a French agency specialized in generating and buying leads for its affiliate network in several key verticals:

Real Estate 


Solar Panels




Affiliate Network


At Marketiz, we utilize custom technology to track all leads generated, increasing the ROI for your campaigns. We provide the highest quality leads in the market, connecting you with your future customers and ensuring the success of your marketing efforts.


As an advertiser, one of the main benefits for lead buyers is the opportunity to save time and effort. Instead of spending time searching for and qualifying prospects themselves, they prefer to purchase leads that have already been previously identified and evaluated.

Traffic source

As experienced marketers, we recognize what our publishers require to optimize their ROI. We utilize the industry's latest techniques and major traffic sources along with marketing automation strategies to deliver results for you. Our guidance extends beyond mere traffic generation; we help you excel in customer engagement and nurturing prospects through their lifecycle. We leverage key platforms such as Google, Facebook, Outbrain, Taboola, TikTok, DoubleClick, Moz, Lead Forensics, Google Analytics, and Tag Manager, making your flow function optimally.

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